Sunday, October 5, 2014

Brick Con 2014: Convention at a Glance Day 1!

There have been some impressive pieces that are on exhibit at this year’s BrickCon held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. It’s a plethora of creative minds converging in one of the biggest LEGO® events in the US.

If you haven’t been into one of these LEGO® conventions then you must be missing a lot. Everyone is a master builder with collectors and fans trooping to BrickCon on its 3th year which is a feat on its own. The event is not only about jaw dropping MOCs (My Own Creation) or custom LEGO® creations, but also some surprising unveils like the impressive Ultimate Collector Series Star Wars Slave-1 that was announced Friday.

You look around there are also vendors too and third party LEGO® custom builders. The famous brick is back in a whole new level of interest catering to everyone young and old. The Exhibition Hall spreads out table after table of local LEGO® showing off their wares and also supporting a charity campaign like “Creations for Charity.”

Mosaics of creations as some might call it LEGO® art was seen in one section of the show floor that certainly catching your attention, which features famous icons of popular culture like a canvass of painting made of plastic bricks.

How can you get your focus in trying to see everything in one place? It must be information overload for those who are basically new at seeing countless individuals who found their talent in making impressing creations that was made from a kid’s construction toy. Surely Ole Kirk Christiansen did not see this coming that his plastic interlocking bricks would produce this amazing art through talented individuals.

LEGO® is no longer just another toy brand its going beyond what PinoyLUG has been built for as a community in its first international participation at BrickCon 2014. After launching last month the small community that started by four people is representing Filipinos around world by being part of BrickCon an impressive run the past week with local events that partnership with an International School and a display at Collecticon. Now in Seattle’s biggest LEGO® event PinoyLUG shares its experience back to the community how BrickCon happened during the first day.

There have been tons of photos showing off some impressive builds by local AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO®) and the people that made BrickCon 2014 successful. The event will be until Sunday and if you happen to be in Emerald City drop by the Seattle Center Exhibition Center and check out the PinoyLUG table.

You’ll see our representatives showing off that trademark banner and giving you serious business the group continues to bring you more LEGO® fun that “Play Well.”

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