Friday, October 3, 2014

Family Day Team-up with PinoyLUG!

Last Friday was Family Day and PinoyLUG (LEGO® Users Group) collaborated with Leaders Christian International School at the Bonifacio Global City to promote the theme in their first ever exhibit that also features fun activities that was held at the gymnasium.

PinoyLUG’s presence helps also promote the LEGO® brand as an education tool as Family Day focuses on “Family Unity.” It’s the best timing for this school to level up in seeing how LEGO® plays well in bonding parents and their children. The passionate hobbyist AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO®) certainly had the weekend started with its successful participation.

LEGO® being a universal brand is no longer another child’s toy, but has grown being synonymous with being used also as a learning tool. The breakthrough event for PinoyLUG as a recently formed community is not just for avid collectors and fans, but can also welcome a family as part of the group’s mission and vision.

This bolsters PinoyLUG in promoting the hobby that would definitely cater not only to the family, but also teachers who might consider using LEGO® as their education depends on their subject. There’s one parent in PinoyLUG using LEGO® as teaching tool for math as an example. It’s definitely a great partnership with the international school the past Friday that affiliates with PinoyLUG.

If you were curious enough and not have an idea what happened during the event see the photos taken by one of the members of PinoyLUG below:

PinoyLUG (LEGO® Users Group) is a non-profit community that promotes not on the hobby, but also inspiring young minds to explore their imaginations. For more about Leaders Christian International School that the group participated with, you can contact us HERE.

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