Pinoy LEGO® User Group (PinoyLUG) was established on September 12, 2014 by four members who are passionate in bringing the hobby to the family environment, which is more than just a group who are into building, collecting, and promoting the LEGO® brand. They are also parents and responsible individuals who grew up with LEGO® who are passing their adoration to their children.

They are also sharing the passion to those who are also into LEGO® from all walks of life to young and old. PinoyLUG is here beyond the idea just into LEGO®, but also strive to bring everyone into a simple but humble community.

Our Mission:

"PinoyLUG is a Filipino community of Lego users accredited by The Lego Group (TLG) as part of its global network of Recognized Lego Users Group (RLUG). Since its inception, ithas already built its way towards its enduring vision of becoming thePhilippines’ number one RLUG. It further envisions bringing its members to greater heights by pioneering as a hobby-based group that also empowers every community across the country through activities inspired by social responsibility, cultural stimulation, and ingenuity."

Our Vision:

"PinoyLUG aims to support its growing members and stakeholders by way of exposing them to greater and more distinct opportunities. These include innovative projects and events that aim to discover untapped talents and partnerships, foster camaraderie, and attract greater membership and participation among all sectors of the society."

Values & Ideals:

"PinoyLUG stands tall and strong because of its four pillars of values. First is CREATIVITY which empowers the birth of successful ideas. It is limitless in form, color, and function – and can only be harnessed through receptiveness, appreciation, and cooperation. Second is CAMARADERIE. A group that builds together stays together.Every journey towards the top is composed of steps built on each other. Respect for each other strengthens these steps and prevent any journey from collapsing. Third is SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Awareness of the needs of one’s surroundings empowers the growth of one’s character and promotes greater substance to one’s group. Lastly, the fourth value is INCLUSIVITY. A modular stands tall because it is held together by interlocking bricks. No brick is too small or too big. They all have roles to play to make the structure that they represent look beautiful, strong, and resilient."