Monday, October 6, 2014

BrickCon 2014: Sights of Saturday!

There has been an impressive amount of talents during Saturday’s BrickCon 2014. For those who never heard of such convention dedicated to passionate LEGO® builders BrickCon is on its 13th year and the event does not disappoint with a lot of new stuff.

You look around there are a lot of stories to shares, but with short time to tour the exhibit hall the visit is limited to taking photos of the interesting ones that really attract some serious attention with all the hard work and passion have put into one big project.

Thursday’s preview night was impressive enough, but Friday definitely had some surprises like LEGO® announced the next Ultimate Collectors Series. They unveiled a minifigure scaled version of Boba Fett’s Slave-1. Not to forget the impressive additions to the growing LEGO® Star Wars universe.

There where interesting creations at the Exhibition Hall, while the activities are happening at the other building. BrickCon gets bigger every year and attendees are increasing. But they still manage to control the foot traffic and making sure the focus of the event is all about the LEGO® builders. Besides the creations there are also interesting people at the con that pass by the display, which adds flavor to the community.

You can spot some colorful individuals from the crowd and despite that there are no programs related to cosplayers at BrickCon you can definitely them walk around just to suit up and enjoy the culture.

Exhibitors at BrickCon can also be seen, which expands the interest using LEGO® bricks. There are custom sets and weapons that are not available in the official product. You can also see a small company that caters to selling LEGO® plant pieces for those who want to create a jungle or park dioramas that involve plants, trees, bushes, flowers and leaves. There are more of these ‘third-party’ exhibitors that primary uses the LEGO® brand to its full potential.

It’s all about getting the right idea and creativity to ask for their services if you have limited time to find the parts you need.

The displays are always a refreshing sight for those getting inspired to plan in participating for the next BrickCon, though it’s not obvious there are barricades and stanchions that doesn’t allowed the visitors to get close. Rarely behinds the scenes you see the crowd in the photos that was snapped earlier. But it gives other organizers an idea how such a successful event like BrickCon can also be an inspiration.

Probably someday the Philippines will also have its own BrickCon. For now you can see PinoyLUG participate in mini-events so stay tuned for future announcements where to see this talented community next.

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