Saturday, February 27, 2016

PinoyLUG & LEGO® Trading Group Members Meet-Up!

If last year’s Grand Meet-up by PinoyLUG was a one-time big extravagance guess again.

This year PinoyLUG have something more to celebrate the community’s continued success, but also the growing family oriented building and collecting group has more to offer.

With a bigger venue and a lot of activities it’s certainly something to be part of. From auctions, brick sorting, member’s collection display, and the occasional swap meet PinoyLUG continue to evolve into just a mere group of LEGO enthusiasts.

This must be the biggest grand meet-up to date and as they say everything starts from small, which has continued to grow with every succeeding event that PinoyLUG has organized over the past tow years.

There where activities for young and old which certainly the busiest morning held at one of the function rooms of the Magnolia Residences. They also gave away prizes for the activities for the kids as well as passionate MOC (My Own Creation) builders. This event is also a collaboration with the LEGO Trading Group a local online sellers community where a collection of merchants have been selling sets and even parts for those who are into creating interesting builds.

The event won’t be a community driven if not for the members who volunteered and showed their collections through the mini-exhibit that where set up in a long table. Most notable displays are from the latest sets from Nexus Knights, the Ghostbusters, and some of the favorites the SHEILD Hellicarrier.

PinoyLUG members also serve food and drinks for attendees. There are also raffles most notably for the early bird taking home some LEGO collectibles. There is also one activity you won’t miss in any LEGO themed event and that is the “Fire Walk Challenge” where you have to walk through a pile of LEGO brick barefoot!

There are so many activities happening simultaneously that you can’t keep up with meeting fellow members in person that you only get to chat with online or through social media. PinoyLUG continue to evolve and known as one of the LEGO related group that defined what is a true community.

If you’ve missed this first event for 2016 expect more event participation and community related meet-ups will be happening from PinoyLUG.

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