Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pinoy LUG at Dyce n' Dyne!

The day has been winding to the Pinoy LUG announcing its first public event for everyone has arrived at the soon-to open Dyce n’ Dyne in Pasig City. The early morning visitors to the event had a treat to see the first 2015 LEGO® sets available on retail.

Besides the preview AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO®) and their kids get to build them too.

For the first timers who get to see the group share their collections on exhibit that was on display early this morning. It was a fun filled Saturday you should see it here…

Pinoy LUG was established in September 2014 and slowly participated in school events as well as mini-conventions. It’s one of the two LEGO® Users Group to be registered and recognized by TLG (The LEGO® Group). Its mission is to promote the brand and share it to kids and adults who have been enthusiast of the famous brick.

The Announcement

Vince Golangco, When in Manila founder and part owner of Dyce n’ Dyne introduced Pinoy LUG Ambassador Leslie Araujo to the crowd with cheers explaining how the group came to be focusing on promoting LEGO® for everyone and just being awesome.

He also explains that the LEGO® sets on display were given by TLG due to the program they have that is available publicly online. Araujo also explains how ANY group can be part of the LUG program just following the guidelines. He’s optimistic that everyone can be a LEGO® Users Group just being transparent and letting the members known the benefits that comes with it.

Building is FUN

After Leslie’s announcement and what’s next for Pinoy LUG namely participation in the upcoming TAGCOM and TOYCON 2015 as the group’s major appearance. This also includes mini-events and outreach for the less fortunate kids to have the chance to play with the sets given by TLG to the group.

There were contests for the kids who joined in the fun by building two sets (Helicopter and sports car) and a combination of the two, while the others help sort out the bricks and parts that was also sent by The LEGO® Group comprised of four boxes.

Besides the sorting and building there are other members had fun playing with one of the two train sets sent by Lao Andaya a member of the SeaLUG (Seattle LEGO® Users Group), which was set up just outside Dyce n’Dyne.

Giveaways & Raffles

Before the closing program of the event Leslie announced giveaways to the visitors as well as members of the group. Pinoy LUG also raffled off some sets and parts that were given away to the lucky winners.

The event was well received by new and current members who enjoyed a fun filled Saturday, and acknowledgments to those who made it happen. Special thanks to Dyce n’ Dyne for hosting the event and this is their first time to partner with Pinoy LUG. More appreciation and support also to When in Manila.

To the new and current members this won’t be realized without your support and there will be more events and gatherings in the pipeline. For more announcements and news LIKE Pinoy LUG on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @PinoyLUG

Dyce n’Dyne is set to have a soft opening on February 11th and more details just LIKE Dyce n’Dyne on Facebook, follow on Instagram and Twitter at: @DycenDyne

If you want to read about the latest news, events, and other happenings LIKE When in Manila on Facebook, follow on Instagram and Twitter at: @WheninManila

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