Sunday, July 5, 2015

LEGO® Trading Group x Pinoy LUG: Brick Weekend!

The second monthly LEGO® Trading Group was festive as ever even though there was heavy downpour outside Le Ching Tea House where the event was held. This is once again in collaboration with Pinoy LUG, which continues its string of successful events...

Originally dubbed “Brick Fridays” was held Sunday afternoon between the LEGO® Trading Group and Pinoy LUG. The monthly event is not only about the mini-selling for online retailers but also the opportunity for Pinoy LUG members to meet in person.

For this “Brick Sunday” Pinoy LUG is helping LEGO® promote the #LEGOWinterSkating build, which allows any participants who attended the event to borrow the 2014 Limited Edition Creator 40107 set with no fees.

Pinoy LUG is LENDING this set to participating individuals (member of this group) who where present at the event to build this and share the image of their creation through social media via Flickr and Instagram with hashtag: #LEGOWinterSkating together with #PinoyLUG to see the image’s origin.

Besides the on-site build contest for the #LEGOWinterSkating set the usual raffle before the event ends is the usual fixture in Pinoy LUG’s program to keep everyone inspired and excited to do more building and collecting.

If you missed the event earlier see the images what was being sold at the LEGO® Trading Group’s monthly “Brick Weekend” in collaboration with Pinoy LUG:

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Special Thanks to Le Ching Tea House for hosting this event.

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