Monday, January 19, 2015

Mondays Original Creation: Spooky Girl's World!

Starting this month Mondays Original Creation returns with a new build courtesy of Nelson Wu and for this week taking a look at “Spooky Girl’s World”, which he recently put together with a MOC theme tailor-made for the CMS (Collectible Minifigure Series) 12 characters named Spooky Girl.

“Spooky Girl’s World” was a random idea by Nelson Wu, and this is one of his uncanny talents in building MOCs (My Own Creations). He originally got interested in LEGO® only to collect minifigures more than a year ago. His focus shifted into creating original builds that would eventually find its way in the social media.

A World for that Girl

The concept was just another thought from Nelson Wu where Spooky Girl inhabits, and most of the colors in this MOC are in gray, black and some whites. It does reminds you of something inspired from M.C. Escher’s “Relativity” painting from 1953 or that particular scene from the movie Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tomb.

When we spoke to Nelson Wu about the inspiration behind “Spooky Girl’s World” he just randomly thought about it with no relation to Escher’s famous “Relativity” painting, and he mentioned that he has not seen Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Tomb, where that particular scene had a spotlight.

Not Just Another MOC

For Nelson Wu this is just another build he just came about, since recently moving to his new place. His MOCs have caught some attention to fellow LEGO® hobbyist, but he stated that he never repeats his creations as he only have a few pieces to build them.

The only way to keep his creations is through taking their photos before he dismantles them and make a new MOC. He admits that he doesn’t take photos of his builds while he puts them together. But when he sits on the table and the LEGO® pieces are piled up he starts randomly create out of nothing.

“Spooky Girl’s World” is not just but some random creation he put together on a Saturday night. It only took him three hours and he didn’t even notice it took that long to build. But the end product shows how uniquely talented Nelson Wu to share his passion for creativity and those who personally known him are definitely taking notice.

Next MOC is Set

When he did “Spooky Girl’s World” he already has something in mind for the next one. Nelson’s excited already about putting a new MOC. But you might see it already on his Facebook or in various LEGO® fan groups for now be inspired to build your own MOC.

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