Sunday, May 14, 2017

PinoyLUG + LCS: Silent Mary Live Build

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” is heading to Philippine cinemas this month and to promote the upcoming film LEGO Certified Store invited PinoyLUG (Pinoy LEGO Users Group) to do a live build on one of the biggest sets based that is now available exclusively to this store.

The build event was simulcast and was aired on Facebook LIVE, which can be re-watched again on LCS and PinoyLUG FB pages. The event started past 11 AM where volunteers from the PinoyLUG build team started with opening the ‘Silent Mary’ set.

‘Silent Mary’ is a ghost ship and prominently appearing in the upcoming Dead Men Tell No Tales film. The horrifying Baltazar is the captain of the said ship full of ghost pirates who would stop at attacking other pirate ships and also in search of some guy named Jack Sparrow. The ‘Silent Mary’ is one of the latest pirate ships ever produced by LEGO for the Pirates of the Caribbean theme, which was introduced in 2011 based on the fourth film. This time the theme returns that features new sets based from the film Dead Men Tell No Tales, which is the fifth instalment of the franchise.

PinoyLUG build team started opening each plastic bag containing the parts to put together ‘Silent Mary’. The set includes a compliment of minifigures that includes Captain Baltazar and his henchmen. This also includes Jack Sparrow and other leading characters from the film.

But the star of this set is the ‘Silent Mary’ itself with intricate and very detailed design that made this a must-have pirate ship for those who want this added to their ever growing fleet of collection. When everyone have rearranged and started knolling the parts needed to begin building the ship they opened the first page of the very thick instruction booklet, while the others assigned to put together the other parts of the ship started accessing the construction manual online.

It took more than two hours to have the ‘Silent Mary’ to complete, and as one of the members said it builds teamwork for each one of them to pool in their resources from the parts separate arranged in getting this ship up and floating. The build was held at the LEGO Certified Store in Ayala Malls the 30th, which was recently opened this year. The store walk-ins where curious to find out what set was being built, and parents with their children witness how this ship was put together.

The final piece to complete the ship was put together by Billy Dee, one of the active MOC builders at PinoyLUG and was there for the little ceremony when it was finally built and put in the acrylic display case at the LEGO Certified Store.

PinoyLUG would like to acknowledge the LEGO Certified Store for inviting the team to put together the ‘Silent Mary’, which is an exclusive and is now available in the Philippines. Don’t forget to catch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men No Tell Tales in cinemas this May 25, 2017!

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