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PinoyLUG Grand Meet-Up 2017

The first quarter of 2017 proved to be very productive for the Pinoy LEGO® Users Group with 2 Brick by Brick (BxB) events in February and March, 4 "The LEGO® Batman Movie" displays all over the metro, alongside a Fan Screening in Megamall attended by almost 600 moviegoers. If the first quarter is an indicator of how successful 2017 will be for PinoyLUG, then everyone needs to buckle up and enjoy the ride.

PinoyLUG is raring to go full force this 2017. The community is steamrolling its way for more events and more opportunities to engage with the Filipino AFOL community. Participation in big and small events has become a staple undertaking as exhibit displays at Match Fest in Robinsons Manila was seen over last weekend and this will be followed in the upcoming TAGCOM this late April and COLLECTICON in September.

It is but fitting that the theme for this year's Grand Meet-up is "Cars and Racing." A very good momentum has been established and acceleration is key.

From the RLUG Annual Support - PV Productions' LEGO GBC 15 the alternate build from Technic's Bucket Wheel Excavator set.

This year’s annual Grand Meet-Up  had an awesome display inspired by Hanna-Barbera’s classic cartoon “Wacky Races” that featured MOCs (My Own Creation) from talented builders led by Billy Lee’s impressive creations. There were also first time "exhibitionists" who gamely showcased their sets and creations.

But not to be outdone, was Leonel "Chiqui" Delantar's setup for the event which included a stadium and race car garage.  And for his dedication to the craft and for his impressive creations, Leonel was also the first recipient of “PinoyLUG Builder of the Year”.  Alongside a special plaque, Leonel received a LEGO® Architecture set.

The main highlight of this Grand Meet-Up was the Ambassador's Report where Leslie Araujo  included reports about his trip to Billund. Leslie not only represented the Filipino AFOL community at the Lego Headquarters, but he also was the first Asian RLUG Ambassador to be chosen alongside four other ambassadors, to join the audience during Lego's 2016 Annual Corporate Report. Leslie also had the chance to have a first tour of the LEGO® House which will open to the public later this year.  Noteworthy was how Leslie shared his stories about the Denmark trip as he narrated it on a very personal level and made sure that members feel the pride and love he got from the LEGO® big bosses when he was there. He emphasized that PinoyLUG is not just a community of LEGO® builders and collectors, but also a tight knit family who is open to everyone, who supports one another and this makes this AFOL community unique.

PinoyLUG Members' April Birthday celebrants! With the special mini figure cake baked with love by Julius Casalan.

Denmark Highlights & Beyond

Leslie shared the challenges he faced when PinoyLUG was invited and chosen by The LEGO® Group to represent the community. It wasn't an easy breezy arrangement as some would have thought. Amidst the challenges, Leslie was able to fly to Billund and proved that anything can be accomplished as long as we work together.

Leslie also talked about what he saw inside LEGO® Headquarters as well as the events he participated in, as below:

(1) The 2016 Annual Report and Meeting with fellow LEGO® Ambassadors, which was also a rare chance to meet face-to-face with the CEO Bali Padda and the LCE Team.

(2) The Tour of the “LEGO® House” which will be opened sometime in September, where Leslie talked about his experience seeing the place and sharing some rare images.

Inside the LEGO® offices he and the four ambassadors get to see the factory and also “The Vault” where old discontinued sets where kept in pristine condition. We’re not allowed to reveal where it was but surely you’ll be surprised when you travel there and toured by the company.

PinoyLUG and The Future

Leslie also revealed PinoyLUG's upcoming projects and events as he provided the 2017 roadmap.

Future projects and upcoming events as below:

(1) “ToyCon 2017” will be bigger than last year. PinoyLUG is now given the opportunity to display inside convention hall. ToyCon is a major event and our participation pushes the community to further its goal to be Master Builders of Good Vibes.

(2) The online trading portal LEGO® Trading Group (LTG) will now be renamed to “Brick by Brick” (BxB) and each physical event will highlight a different themed display.

(3) “LEGO® Ninjago Movie” will be part of the roster of events as we continue to support to LEGO® expanding its own cinematic universe. More announcements when WB Animation's Ninjago is close to the official screen date.

(4) “Brick Run” will be the highlight of 2017 as this is the first ever AFOL running event  in collaboration with On Your Mark (OYM) and Affinitea Race Event Management.

(5) “Bricktober”  will not only celebrate PinoyLUG’s anniversary, but will also feature thematic displays. Activities will be geared towards KFOLs and Halloween-themed games and activities.

(6) The "PinoyLUG Christmas Party” is our year-ender and this is our venue to just have fun togethet during the Holidays.

After the Ambassador's Report, Leslie raffled off some giveaways that the RLUG Team had sent. 

There were also games for the different members of the PinoyLUG: from Kids  and even Couples. Although there was a lot of information that was relayed to the group and needs to be absorbed by the members, everyone enjoyed the morning gathering that ended at noon. For those who missed out there will be more to come as PinoyLUG is just warming up for the next events and projects.

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