Sunday, March 12, 2017

PinoyLUG Highlights: The Billund Experience

One step on Billund, a giant step for PinoyLUG.  When PinoyLUG Ambassador Leslie Araujo participated at the recently concluded LEGO® Company Yearly Results Press Conference in Billund, Denmark, he brought with him the distinction of being the  first ever Asian RLUG Ambassador  to be invited to the  conference, and envoy of AFOLS in the Philippines to Denmark.

His 17-hour trip could not extinguish his excitement of being at the birthplace of Lego®. In fact, it left him sentimental.  Read Leslie's post  HERE 

Upon publication of this blog, Leslie would have  already personally shared with other PinoyLUGgers  at the annual Grand Meet Up, his account of his experiences during his stay in Billund.

Along with Leslie are  the other four ambassadors invited to the conference:  Svend Erik Saksun from Denmark, Sophie Deprez from Belgium, Francesco Spreafico from Italy, and Gary Davis from UK. Here are some of the highlights of  the  trip: a tour of the LEGO House and the  the LEGO Moulding Factory, and a visit to the Vault,  the LEGO Idea House, as well as the LEGO Employee Store.

The conference started with the Annual Report for 2016 presented by  the new CEO of LEGO®, Bali Padda.    It proceeded with a special feature on  Boost, Technic, Friends and the LEGO® Life team, as shared by Kim Thomsen HERE.

LEGO® House Preview

After the media day,  Leslie and the other LEGO® Ambassadors toured the still under construction LEGO® House.  It will open its doors to the public this September.

The Factory Tour

Several TV documentaries have featured production of your favorite  LEGO®  bricks.   Leslie got to see it firsthand-- robotic workers are in charge of production.

The Vault

Aptly named, the Vault houses samples of all the Lego sets ever produced.  It’s every AFOL's fantasy to  be up close and personal with decades-old, discontinued, rare, hard-to-find collector items.  Dibs, anyone?


Leslie's brief stay in  Billund would not be complete without seeing our kababayans!  Their hospitality surely warmed him amidst the bitter weather.

It was definitely a fun, productive, and Legorrific trip, with Leslie introducing PinoyLUG to the rest of the Lego®  world.    He left Manila with a dream for PinoyLUG.  He came back, a step closer to realizing that dream. Well done, Ambassador Leslie!


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