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LEGO® Ideas | 21304 Doctor Who

01.02.2017 – Doctor Who is one of the longest running series in British television. It’s popular in selected countries that include Australia, where Whovians (known for Doctor Who Fans) can’t get enough of The Doctor.

The popularity of Doctor Who would eventually produce a slew of merchandise and LEGO® is not far behind when they unveiled the LEGO® Ideas set in December 2015. This is based from the fan-design by Andrew Clark that has been popular to Whovians out there after its official release.

For those who are unaware of Doctor Who, the series was originally introduced in 1963 and was aired on BBC. The series features the adventures of a Time Lord called ‘The Doctor’, an exile on his home planet of Gallifrey using the TARDIS disguised as a blue British police box, which is a common sight in Britain during the early 1960s.

The series has a huge significant part in British popular culture building a cult following that continues to grow to this day, which has influenced generations of professionals that grew up watching the series. The Doctor has regenerated twelve times during the course of the series as part of the concept in changing into its lead actor. He is also accompanied by a human companion in his adventures.

The Doctor’s recent companion is Clara Oswald (portrayed by Jenna Coleman) and now set to introduce Pearl Mackie as Bill in the tenth series this April 14th, which will feature Capaldi as his last take on the character for good and the 2017 Christmas Special will be is very last role as the famous Time Lord.

Who is this Doctor in LEGO®?

Doctor Who set was the twelfth set introduced as part of the LEGO® Idea program, which is based on the fan-design by Andrew Clark, which garnered 10,000 support that was approved by the LEGO® Group to become an official set released to coincide with the 2015 Doctor Who Christmas Special.

This features the TARDIS and four unique Minifigures exclusive to the set excluding the two Daleks that you have to build upon unboxing this glorious set. For those who are casual Whovians this is such an interesting build as it contains 623 pieces with minimal sticker applications as most of the parts have already printed the labels.

Small in the Outside, Bigger than the Inside

Putting together the Doctor Who set takes a lot of patience and inspired creativity with how you put together the parts and applying the stickers. For some it took them six hours to build but this one personally it’s just less than four hours as following Myth Busters’ Adam Savage way of putting this all the parts where arranged and organized known as “Knowling” or “Noling” depends on how you spell it.

The challenge starts when building the inside of the TARDIS, which is the main base that has all the pieces you, put togther down to the details of its computers and side panels. It’s really fun and exhilarating build when you slowly start to put together this platform that reveals what’s actually inside the TARDIS. For those unaware why The Doctor has stuck using the Police Box as the ship’s exteriors it’s because the disguise function has been damaged, which made this a permanent appearance for the TARDIS as one of the trivia that was never revealed until this most recent series when Jenna Coleman’s character Clara Oswald stole a more advanced TARDIS.

A Point of the Sonic Screwdriver

Upon putting together the TARDIS and its main exterior you get to see the minifigures up close to see the Eleventh Doctor (Portrayed by Matt Smith) with his Fez with prints on the front and back detail. The Twelfth Doctor in purple suit carries his signature Sonic Screwdriver, which is not actually a weapon but a device use by most of the previous doctors in the series.

It’s great that LEGO® included an extra Sonic Screwdriver which can be used by the Eleventh or Clara Oswald herself. Speaking of Jenna Coleman’s character her minifigure version is also well detailed with the clothes she has worn during the promotion for the ninth series.

This set not only includes the two Doctors and a companion, but also includes two villains he faced in the series like the Weeping Angel with her detailed wings. The Daleks are included in this set as the most popular villains that appeared in the series and still pestering The Doctor whenever they meet that you put together.

Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

Overall the Doctor Who set is a fun build and Andrew Clark certainly have made this possible for making it happen thanks also to the Whovians, who have been dreaming about this for the longest time supporting the project that became an official set.

Though it was a fun build its still not a perfect set and it still have some of the things that didn’t make the TARDIS a functional one namely the Police Box’s front door is non-functional, but entirely something to have for the hardcore Whovian out there won’t pass up in owning this set along with the LEGO® Dimensions expansion pack that featured Peter Capaldi’s version of Doctor Who and other characters.

It’s a great time to be a Doctor Who fan if you have watched the series or for those who have been curios after acquiring this set. There are great pieces and elements that is exclusive in this set that’s a plus for those getting them as your parts, which is why this set should get the appreciation it deserves.

LEGO® Idea 21304 Doctor Who is the twelfth set from the Ideas Series containing 623 pieces and four exclusive minifigures retailed in the Philippines for PhP 5,400.00 pesos, which is priced in the US for $59.99 USD and £54.99 in Europe.

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