Thursday, September 15, 2016

Weekend Events: BxB5 & Collecticon 2016

This weekend is packed with events from Book Fairs to Motor Shows, but in-between these big events there are also the ones people don’t regularly hear about, that’s where most nerd enthusiasts go to mingle with like minded individuals.

For PinoyLUG it’s where a small but growing community is known for doing the little things that turn into memorable ones. Not with extravagant conventions but well meaning to those who are passionate with this type of hobby that builds a thriving community like the BxB (Brick by Brick) and Collecticon participation.

This month in September you can find PinoyLUG in two places. Either appreciates their exhibit featuring some of the member’s custom MOC (My Own Creation) or original builds on display happening on the 17th to 18th at Megatrade Hall. The other place you can see the entire community will be at monthly BxB (Brick by Brick) organized by the LEGO Trading Group.

It’s tough to choose either way it’s a win situation for the community that has been around for almost two years. But the BxB event is something rare to be part of and see what you can find not available in local retail stores. Aside from the rare sets and meeting faces behind the usernames you can also see the display of collections from members of PinoyLUG.

If you haven’t been to BxB and you’ve wanting to know, but don’t know what to expect here are things you should know:

Everyone Juan is Awesome

From a collector to a proud parent with their kids you’ll find smiles all in this place. If you feel out place they’ll make you want to be part of a community. No one is neglected and everyone is accommodating you just ask our esteemed LEGO Ambassador, he will take care of you and introduce to the growing PinoyLUG family.

Exhibits That Tells a Story

There are displays but then again there are some that tell the story of every member who participated and shared their collection. They will tell you their story how they acquire it and how many hours they put into building the sets they’ve been wanting to acquire since its release. The displays are good conversation pieces with their proud owners and that starts getting to know each one of them.

All-Original LEGO from Trusted Sellers

You may see the LEGO set you’re looking for in stores, but there some that are exclusive from other countries. This is where the sellers with no physical store bring in those types of sets that you only see online. You’ll find them all here that are right for that price point, and some rare pieces that you need that can be available here.

Prelude to Bricktober 2016

Though you may not know PinoyLUG celebrates one event annually and that is ‘Bricktober’ that is synonymous in the US, but over in the Philippines it’s the anniversary month celebrating the community’s birth that led to everything awesome about being an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) or just simply an enthusiast who appreciate LEGO and BxB is the prelude to the next big event.

BxB is on its fifth monthly event organized by the LEGO Trading Group together with PinoyLUG (Pinoy LEGO Users Group) happening on September 17, 2016 at 7:30 AM to 12 PM at the lobby area of Lancaster Hotel.

For more details and inquiries LIKE Pinoy LUG on Facebook, follow Instagram and on Twitter at: @PinoyLUG

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