Monday, July 4, 2016

PinoyLUG x LTG partnership and BxB (Brick by Brick)

Hi and hello everyone I hope that everybody kicks off this week with a very good Monday, especially because of a very successful BxB event last Saturday, July 2.

Let me just take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who made BxB 3.0 such a tremendous success especially that we have surpassed the previous attendance record. Working with the wonderful members of both PinoyLUG and LTG is really fun and awesome. As you may know, trading and selling is really not part of an RLUG’s scope. PinoyLUG’s main role is to raise awareness about the Lego brand, encourage AFOLS to share and display for others to be more inspired to build, while harnessing creativity and very importantly ensuring that everyone enjoys and have fun. This is why we partnered with LTG and created BxB (Brick By Brick) to have a regular meet-up and help our AFOLs gain access to a wide range of affordable bricks and sets from our

select buyers. I believe it is essential to support PinoyLUG members in acquiring Lego stuff and provide venues for interaction them to think about and create limitless Lego ideas and Lego projects. In addition to that, we in PinoyLUG are strongly advocating camaraderie, friendship and engagement among AFOLs.

We all know that BxB won’t be possible without the relentless effort, passion and dedication of several individuals along with their families. Thank you so much.
Okay, Let’s talk about family. Let me just share some bit of history. Almost 2 years ago, when we were just forming PinoyLUG, we were too pre-occupied taking down notes and improving the concept of a better, more relatable and more inclusive LEGO User Group for everyone. During this course, (and we all know it was not an easy road) we continued to evolve and improve to where we are now. We survived and throve when only a few believed we could do it. I firmly believe we are who we are now because we genuinely take care of each other, value suggestions and treat everyone as “family”. The PinoyLUG is one big happy family.

Also, I am happy to read and hear about first timers having a blast during BxB. This reinforced our objective to promote a positive vibe among the attendees. A lot of kids were present and enjoyed seeing the very commendable efforts of our Display Team at BxB 3.0 – “Fly High: Planes and Copters Exhibit.” We also re-launched our MOC Corner headed by Master Builder Billy Lee! Cheers to our master builders and to our little future master builders! I would also like to acknowledge our friends from the Pinoy Bricksters group. We guys go way back, whether it is in QC Circle, Le Ching or DiviCon we are all brick brothers. Salamat!

Finally, I would like to thank our registration team, foodies, sellers, traders, and buyers at BxB. As you all know, all the fees that are collected are for group funds. The TOYCON 2016 setup was quite impressive right? It is all because of our proper fund management. Expect more of these in our last 2 of 4 major events this year – Bricktober and Christmas Party. See you all soon!

*Each time you wear the PinoyLUG baller, you are reminded that you are an Ambassador of Positive Vibes :) So cheers to all of us!

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Leslie Araujo ☺
PinoyLUG Ambassador

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