Sunday, May 15, 2016

3 Things You Should See at BxB!

PinoyLUG and LEGO Trading Group has another successful Saturday with the BxB (Brick by Brick) series of community events featuring activities from everyone (adult and kids), exhibits from members of the community, and trusted online sellers.

If you happen to miss the event be sure to be early and this event is just a morning affair that brings together enthusiasts from the ever growing passionate LEGO community that you can only find in the Philippines.

Saturday is a hectic weekend if you’re into LEGO because there’s no other place you can be around with passionate people and at the same time take home something that is worth putting together not to mention witness the community that is BxB (Brick by Brick). This is the second event organized by the LEGO Trading Group (trusted organization of local online sellers of LEGO products) and PinoyLUG, the ever growing community recognized by RLUG (Registered LEGO Users Group).

If you weren’t able to attend this event yesterday here are some things you missed and might want to see whenever the next BxB happens:

Ever Changing Exhibit

The Displays are not permanent which means BxB collaboration between LEGO Trading Group and PinoyLUG gives a spotlight to each member who will participate in this event featuring their collection. So everyone gets the chance to have a good conversation and meet a new friend. The displays are not just there to be appreciated you get to meet the owners too.

All-Original & Trusted Sellers

The best part of BxB is that all retailers are the trusted partners from the LEGO Trading Group that you’ll ever meet. They are the ones that bring the sets and pieces that are not available in retail stores. This is the place you can get the best price for those exclusives you don’t see and its all right here.

A Sea of Community

You can never go wrong with seeing like minded LEGO builders and enthusiasts they are growing in numbers. Its something you’ll find it normal that makes BxB the best place to be early in the morning and isn’t that great?

So if you happen to planning to go on the next BxB here’s a tip: Wake up early and be there on time as the event only happens in the morning. The parking is limited and the venue is usually packed given the hotel’s hall area, where they held the event is really that big and definitely you see it.

BONUS: What You Missed

If you’re a Star Wars fan you might be missing this display yesterday. The Millennium Falcon which is the biggest set ever produced by LEGO, but this one is a re-brick which means recreated using parts and not the actual set itself.

Most builders who want to own this piece could not afford it right now due to that LEGO discontinued it so what most can do is buy the parts need to make their own set based from this expensive piece.

The owner says it took him years to collate the parts he needed to put this together, and the manual can be downloaded online so here’s one interesting conversation piece that you should have seen.

BxB is a monthly event organized by the LEGO Trading Group together with PinoyLUG (Pinoy LEGO Users Group) held at the lobby area of Lancaster Hotel.

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