Tuesday, March 8, 2016

BxB: Brick Buy Brick "Let's Build our Lego Dreams Together, Brick by Brick"

To our dearest Lego® enthusiasts, we heard your clamor for a regular meet-up and felt your need for a friendly venue to satisfy your brick cravings. You wanted an opportunity to meet and network with fellow AFOLs while indulging your Lego® desires. Well, here it is...

On April 2, 2016, Saturday, we are launching our first Lego® Trading Group (LTG) Meet-up which we aptly name "BxB: Brick Buy Brick". We intend BxB to be a regular event every 2 months, to be held at the Magnolia Residences, Function Room "TOWER A", from 9AM to 4PM. This event is in partnership with PinoyLUG (Lego® Users Group).

Expect fun and camaraderie among AFOLs and affordable Lego® hauls. Selling and trading will be the main activity the whole day. We are inviting your favorite Lego® Trading Group (LTG) sellers, for you to meet face to face. Entrance fee is only Php100.

Rest assured that we are here to support all AFOLs in building our Lego® dreams, "BRICK BY BRICK".

See you in April for our first installment of... BxB: Brick Buy Brick!

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