Monday, September 28, 2015

Mondays Original Creation: Heneral Luna!

If you missed yesterday’s PinoyLUG’s display at the recently concluded Collecticon 2015 you won’t miss the MOC of “Heneral Luna” a creation of LUG Ambassador Leslie Araujo, which was on display during the two-day event that’s getting some serious fan attention…

“Heneral Luna” is the Philippines popular general in 1898 and recent popularity of this Filipino hero was told in the film of the same name portrayed by actor John Arcilla (Bourne Legacy, Metro Manila). The film is directed by Jerod Tarog who is getting a critical acclaim and praise for making this bio film.

The sudden popularity of “Heneral Luna” through word of mouth and social media became a trending discussion of Facebook and Twitter. It became a part of the Philippine popular culture that inspired Leslie to build his MOC (My Own Creation) based from the film that he also submitted at the “Heneral Luna” Facebook page.

This simple set up of “Heneral Luna” riding his horse accompanied with two soldiers featuring the Philippine flag in the background was one of the exhibits on display at the PinoyLUG section that has been photographed several times by visitors.

You can check out several images taken during the last day of Collecticon featuring Lesli Araujo’s “Heneral Luna” MOC below:

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