Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LEGO® City: 30315 Space Utility Vehicle!

LEGO® has produced various iterations of Space themed sets and most of them during the early days are basically inspired from Science Fiction.

But during these past years the Space themed sets are now close to reality and its initial sets for the 2015 sub themed are now part of the CITY series that includes the Space Utility Vehicle!

What is a CITY series without its own space program? For years LEGO® has its Space theme separated from the main line CITY theme, since most of it are Sci-Fi related that have aliens or far-off to be too futuristic. But it’s been years since the last space theme has came out and this time LEGO® might have the right idea to include a space theme as part of the CITY series.

The initial sets were not released until mid-2015 with a Starter Set, but they also produced a promotional set that is the set 30315 known as the Space Utility Vehicle. This is not to be mistaken from the lunar vehicle that was included in the Starter Set.

LEGO® is going to Science this Vehicle

Probably by now you’ve been seen trailers of The Martian a science fiction film that is set on planet Mars, which would probably remind you of this Space Utility Vehicle that doesn’t appear to be built only for Moon explorations.

This set includes 39 pieces including the Astronaut minifigure with no alternate head wear aside from the space helmet. The design takes inspiration from the Moon Buggy that successful Moon mission by Apollo 11 has brought with them in their first landing on the lunar surface that has a satellite dish and a forward camera.

Most of the pieces that made up of the Space Utility Vehicle have primary colors of white, blue, and little bit of grey. It’s a simple build everyone can put together and once you have the Space Utility Vehicle rolling you can’t wait what world it can explore of course with a little of your imagination.

The Modern LEGO® Spaceman

For years the Spaceman has evolved and Benny is not the by product but how LEGO® has improved in making their Space theme stand out. But over the years there was a little bit of decline and it was reinvented to be part of the CITY sub-theme, which in order for that to work they became the modern astronauts.

The previous Astronaut themes under the CITY series where different, but this 2015 series looks more appealing with additional sets that defines their space program. There’s no change on the Astronaut’s gear but had little updates only to its logo and gave more sets to define what a LEGO® space theme is based on reality.

Exploration Begins Here

The Space Utility Vehicle is simple in appearance, but it will give you a few minutes of fun build. It includes an astronaut complete with headgear though the artwork from its packaging doesn’t say he’s already in another world.

So this minifigure needs an alternate head wear so he can breathe normally without the need to be on his headgear most of the time, which is the miss on this set but overall a rare impulse pack for Space theme collector to have in completing this line is a must.

LEGO® City 30315 “Space Utility Vehicle” was part of a promotional item and was also available at TARGET in the US for $3.99 Dollars.

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