Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pinoy LEGO® Users Group is HERE!

Last July the small community of Pinoy LUG (LEGO Users Group) held a simple meet-up at the Heroes Concept Store to inaugurate what would be a ground breaking meet up to begin a journey every group has wanted to do. The mini event was not only for the collectors of the LEGO brand but also a fun family atmosphere that involves the young ones.

This is a start of great things for the community that would be Pinoy LUG, which is not only into promoting the LEGO brand or collecting the minifigures.

It’s about talking about what every member has in common. But also making this a community that go beyond that by getting involved in communities using LEGO as a learning tool for education or as inspiration to motivate young minds to become responsible individuals in a society that is more connected in the internet through social media.

Pinoy LUG is making sure each member participates in the community and as a responsible individual. The future is limitless just like how LEGO is created to translate creativity into reality

Mostly the mini-event have younger individuals involve in a moc build contest, while the older participants is part of a raffle that have the Cuuso Back to the Future set as its grand prize courtesy of a member from SeaLUG (Seattle LEGO Users Group).

It was more of a fun build for the kids who participated and great discussions with members who made the effort to attend the event.

As mentioned this is just a beginning for Pinoy LUG and we’re looking forward to being part of the community. For those who hasn’t heard of the group you can find Pinoy LUG on social media via Facebook just LIKE the Page or follow on Twitter at: @PinoyLUG

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