Monday, July 31, 2017

Brickstameet 2017 | Adelaide Adventures

“Brickstameet” is a worldwide gathering of LEGO enthusiasts or AFOLS (Adult Fans of LEGO) who are into the art of Toy Photography, where members of a local LUG community organized an outdoor activity that’s usually held every three months.

This is the third “Brickstameet” for Southern Bricks LUG (SBLUG) based in South Australia, which also celebrates its fifth anniversary for the Adelaide-based LEGO community, which gathered last Sunday at the historical Adelaide Arcade

There are only two types of gathering for the SBLUG community. There’s the monthly SBLUG meeting, which is usually held at the HAMRA Centre just outside of downtown Adelaide and sometimes in other local libraries within South Australia. Then there’s the “Brickstameet,” which is held every three months organized by Narelle Robinsons and Xlii Atkinson that celebrated its anniversary this year.

So far there have been three “Brickstameet” gatherings for 2017 and this recent Sunday was its third photo walk that started at the Adelaide Arcade followed with a quick shoot around at the Hindmarsh Square. Then a few blocks down North Terrace at the University of Adelaide that ended at the State Library of South Australia.

The activity was sponsored by Toy Photographers, where each participant gets a free random LEGO blind pack from the previous series that will be used for the duration of this photo walk. Representing PinoyLUG we have picked Ursula from Little Mermaid which was part of the LEGO Disney Minifigure series. Besides the special activity there’s also the “Ninjago” photography theme, which Toy Photographers is currently running a contest.

Then there’s the “Hunt for the Yellow Book” activity at the State Library of South Australia. The first one to find that book gets to win a special LEGO token, which Brian and his family immediately found by entering the Mortlock Wing.

At the end of the activity that ended past 4 PM there’s the “SigFig Group” photo to show the attendance of the day’s gathering to close “Brickstameet”, which will be held again by October. Narelle will organize the next one next month when she heads out to the first Albury/Wodonga Brickstameet this September 30th.

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