Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dawn of Justice Exhibit at Shangri-La Mall!

“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is set to be shown in Philippine cinema a week from now and promotion for the film kicks in high gear with tie-ups from mineral water to clothing apparel it seems you have to pick which side are you.

For Pinoy LEGO® Users Group not only both side will be given the spotlight, but a partnership with Build City and Shangri-La Plaza would give you a look at the entire Justice League team in LEGO® as presented by the community members.

The centrepiece and heart of the exhibit is the Pinoy LEGO® Users Group’s representation of each key member of the Justice League that will appear in the next film after “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” All the figures LEGO® has produced for the “Super Heroes” line is on display at the exhibit located in the new section of the Shangri-La Mall.

Each section of the glass display is represented by the main characters of the Justice League from the Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman that includes The Flash, Aquaman, and even characters from Green Lantern are in full display.

DC Comics fans will have a field day snapping photos of their favorite character in LEGO® form and you get a look of the variations of these characters that where originally produced and included in the sets that where previously available in stores as well as exclusives from conventions and US stores.

The collection of each characters are represented by members of the Pinoy LEGO® Users Group who put their passion not just collecting, but also their imagination in visualizing their own display based on scenes from the comic books. There are also some fan fictionalized concepts not based on existing material that makes them more interesting and refreshing for those who will be able to see the exhibit in person.

From Superman’s variety of LEGO® sets released to imaginative visual on how Aquaman commands an army of sharks, the participation by Pinoy LEGO® Users Group will definitely give you an inspiration that it’s a great time to be part of the ever growing community and rekindle you childhood growing up owning the famous brick. But if you never had that experience being part of the community will give you insight about showing your interest and passion about the hobby.

“Batman & Superman Toy Pop-Up Store and LEGO® Display” exhibit will run from March 18 to 27, 2016 at the 4th level East Wing in Shangri-La Plaza.

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