Sunday, February 8, 2015

LEGO® Creator: 31035 Beach Hut!

If you missed yesterday’s festivities with Pinoy LUG there will be future gatherings. For now we take a look some of the sets that were opened and built during the event. One of the them is the LEGO® Creator set 31035 Beach Hut, which was released for the 2015 line that has some interesting pieces and minifigures you’ll want to check it out…

The LEGO® Creator Beach Hut is one of the new sets in 2015 to include not one but two minifigures whereas the previous sets from 2012 started carrying only one. This also depends on the set. But for those who are looking forward to this set you’ll be happy to know it also have accessories too.

In the front of the box it has designated ages 7 to 12 years old and has 286 pieces including the minifigures. The box looks decent it is almost having the same dimensions as the 2014 LEGO® Creator Mountain Hut. It’s the second largest Creator set next to the 31036 Toy & Grocery Shop, which was also built during the event at Dyce N’ Dyne yesterday. Its one of the simple sets that beginners with the particular age range would enjoy putting it together.

The Beach Hut is packed with accessories aside from the Minifigures that came with it. Among the mentioned accessories are the surfboards in neon green and white. It also includes a bucket for you to play some sand and a $100 plate as your money.

Just like the previous sets like the 2013 released Small Cottage the Beach Hut folds into a small hut and its one of those interesting sets that is modular in design. But unlike the Small Cottage it has a personality of its own with bright colored bricks that includes the primary color of yellow and gray.

Verdict Build

Overall the build took less than an hour to put together the primary set that you see in the front of the box. It’s quite challenging for kids who had the chance to put together bigger sets like this. In the US the Beach Hut retails for $29.99 dollars, while in Philippine retail it’s sold at PhP 1,899.75 pesos.

LEGO® Creator Beach Hut 31035 is a fun to build for those who are not fans of the licensed sets like Star Wars or Super Heroes would surely enjoy putting together the primary Beach Hut of the other two alternative builds.

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