Tuesday, January 20, 2015

DC Super Heroes: 30300 The Batman Tumbler!

The DC Universe is expanding its world through the DC Comics Super Heroes line. It has been part of LEGO® since the first Batman set was introduced and this was the Pre-Super Heroes sets and has continued to promote the Dark Knight film in 2008.

Then came the Super Heroes line with DC Comics and rival comic book publisher in Marvel that quickly have their own sets when the Avengers was about to his the cinemas in 2012. But slowly the line for DC Comics is slowly building its way and one of the quick builds that was released as part of the 2014 Super Heroes is The Batman Tumbler!

This impulse packed may not be as detailed as the UCS Tumbler that was also released in 2014, but enough time for you to put this together in-between breaks from a stressful day at work or during those times where the day is slow than the usual.

It Comes in Black

The Batman Tumbler has a designated set number: 30300 that contain 57 set pieces for ages 6 to 12 years old. The instruction manual indicates fifteen steps in putting together this diminutive beast of Gotham’s road.

Whether you’re six or above twelve years old you’ll definitely have enough time to tinker out Batman’s ride that was inspired from the Dark Knight Trilogy. Of course Lucious Fox would mind to let you know there’s only one color when this one was released.

If you think there’s one that Bane stole in the Dark Knight Rises that’s in a desert camouflage pattern you might be surprised that there’s no such thing.

Overall a “Fun” Bat Build

Your Batman minifigure might not fit in or even in-scale with this Tumbler, but close enough for some fun build just to let your imaginations run wild re-enacting the scenes how this beast got away in the dark in one chase scene in Batman Begins.

Quick builds like this are hard to come by when you’re just having a short free time from work or trying to let your hunger productivity get things done. Unless you’d want the more detailed USC Tumbler to take most of your time, which is a different story to share.

For now if you’re lucky enough to find this set we congratulate you to owning if you can’t afford the bigger one. You won’t be disappointed once building this beast that probably Jim Gordon would want to have his own ride.

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